1. General rules of courtesy will be observed at ALL TIMES.
  1. At no time will there be any girls in boy's rooms or vice-versa.
  2. You must be on time to all camp sessions with proper equipment; failure to do so could cause you to move to the end of your section or be dismissed from the camp. If a camper is dismissed for behavioral concerns, there will be no refund.
  3. Students are not allowed to text message or make phone calls during rehearsal.
  4. No vulgar/obscene language shall be used.
  5. Smoking or consumption of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or drugs is not permitted. You will be dismissed immediately if caught.
  6. WEAPONS (knives, guns, air soft guns, etc.) are NOT allowed. Campus police will arrest you if you are found with weapons.
  7. Room check will be made immediately following curfew; all students  must be in their rooms and remain there after check is made.
  8. Doors should be kept locked at all times to protect valuables.
  9. Campers are expected to wear identification badges and wrist bands at all times. 
  10. Destruction or theft  of university property, littering of the premises,  or conduct unbecoming to a band student will not be tolerated.
  11. Instruments are not to be played in areas other than those designated  for rehearsals, warm-ups,  or practice.
  12. Campers are expected to dress neatly.
  13. Campus Police are on duty for your protection; if you need immediate assistance, call them. (361-593-2611)
  14. Students are not permitted to ride in cars except when companied by parent or directors. 
  15. Students are not permitted to leave the campus at any time unless accompanied by parents or directors. This includes day campers.
  16. Any activity deemed harmful to you or your fellow camper's is not allowed and is a violation of camp rules.
  17. Any violation of the above regulations may result in the student being sent home and refused all future participation in the TAMUK Band Camp.


Common rules of courtesy will be observed at all times in the cafeteria. These include:
  1. Stay in line, do not cut/skip the line.
  2. Remove hats/caps while in the cafeteria.
  3. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.
  4. Do not tamper with salt and pepper shakers.
  5. Do not overcrowd tables. 
  6. Throw all your trash and put trays away.
  7. Tables must be left clean before you leave the cafeteria.
  8. No food fights, yelling, running, or dancing on the tables.
  9. No vulgar/obscene language will be used.