Q: Who is at this camp? A: Band students from around South Texas. Q: How do I sign up for electives? A: Students will sign up for electives on the first day of camp. Q: Will my student get lost? A: Students are not allowed to go anywhere unattended. There are Camp Counselors whose responsibility it is to make sure that our campers get where they need to be at all times. Q: What if my child is having trouble in band? Will they get left behind? A: Definitely not! This camp is designed to help all students improve their skills in the marching arts, regardless of their starting point. For elective ensembles, your camper will be placed in the band that’s best suited for him or her. From that point on, your child will be under the instruction of clinicians and instructors specially hired for their ability to work with students in their age group. Q: Do you have a repair technician on site to repair broken instruments? What about renting instruments? A: Sorry, but the answer is no to both questions. Make sure your student brings an instrument and that it is in good working order. Q: If I need to reach my child quickly, what’s the best way to do that? A:
1. During the day (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.): call the Band Camp Manager at (361) 593-2160, or the dorm front desk. (We’ll give you that at Registration.)
2. At any other time, call your camper’s Residence Hall.
3. If need be, call University Police at (361) 593-2611.

Q: Can my kid order pizza at night?
A: We will usually designate a night for the students to order pizza. This will be up to the counselors.

Q: What if my child calls and says they are not enjoying camp and want to be picked up right away?
A: There are always a few cases of homesickness every summer, especially with young first-time campers—and it always seems to happen within the first couple of days. What we’ve observed from past experience is that if we can keep a student here just a couple more days, he/she’ll come around, and end up not wanting to go home even when camp’s over. Here is one approach:
1. Advise your camper to “stick it out just one more day; if you still feel the same way tomorrow, I’ll come get you.”
2. After you talk with your child, call us so that we can talk to them. One of the camp counselors of the same gender as your child will immediately find them and talk to them. This usually gets very good results.
3. If they’re still miserable the following day, we’ll authorize early dismissal, and try it again next year. Your refund will be prorated based on the number of days attended MINUS your deposit. You will not be refunded the full amount you paid for camp.
Q: May I come up just for a visit during the week?  A: By all means! Just let us know in advance, especially if you intend to take your camper off campus, so we can know the whereabouts of all of the campers. We will not allow campers to get into vehicles other than their parent’s or legal guardian’s vehicle. Q: What time do I pick up my child on Friday afternoon when camp is over? A: The Final Concert will be on Friday afternoon at 3:00 pm and last approximately 90 minutes. Our preference is for families of campers to come early enough to hear the entire concert and stay until the end so that your camper can say goodbye to their new friends and to faculty and staff.
Q: What’s the checkout procedure? A: Students will check out before the concert. They will store their belongings at the School of Music in a locked, supervised room.
Q: What happens if my child has instrument problems while he’s at camp? A: At this juncture, let me remind you once again of the importance of having the instrument checked out by a technician before camp—we have no on-site technician here. So if your camper comes to us with a broken horn, sometimes we can fix it, sometimes we can issue a loaner, but unfortunately, in some cases we end up having to take the instrument up to a repair shop. If we have to do that, be aware that you must reimburse us for the work.